• 250 g Pork belly or pork butt , around 1 pound
  • 1 tbsp. hoisin sauce
  • 1 tbsp. oyster sauce
  • 1/2 tbsp. honey
  • a small pinch of salt
  • 1/4 tsp. Chinese five spice
  • half of a middle size red onion , cut into 3-4 pieces
  • oil for brushing the pan
Steamed buns
  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  • 125 ml water , room temperature or 150ml milk
  • 2 tsp. instant yeast
  • 2 tbsp. sugar
  • Pinch of salt
Other serving
  • Coriander , cleaned and cut into 1 inch pieces
  • Pickles , any type and minced
  • Dip sauce if you prefer


  1. Freeze the pork belly for around 1 or 2 hours until it is firmed and then cut into thin slices, as thin as possible.
  2. Add salt, Chinese five spice, hoisin sauce, oyster sauce and honey. Stir slowly for couple of minutes until all the pieces are well coated. Mix with red onion and cover the plate with a plastic wrapper and then refrigerate overnight.
  3. Brush some oil in the pan and lay the pork slices (try to spread and avoid folded pieces). And then start the fire and fry over medium to slow fire. Turn over the well-fried pieces immediately
For steamed buns
  1. In a sand mixer, mix flour, yeast, water(milk), sugar and salt together, mix with low speed for around 8 minutes until the dough begins to gather in a ball. Shape the dough to a round ball with hands and then cover with a wet cloth and set aside until the dough is double in size (place the dough in warm place).
  2. Transfer the dough to a slightly floured board and then knead forcefully until there are no more small holes inside the dough. Shape the dough into a long log and then divide into 10 equal portions.
  3. Knead each of the portions for 1 or 2 minutes until they are smooth. And then roll each of the small balls to an oval like shape. Slightly dust the oval and fold the dough over by the middle.
  4. Place them in steamer and let it stay for 15 minutes (second proofing). In cold water days when the room temperature is quite low, turn up the fire and heat for 2-3 minutes, turn off the fire and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. After the second proofing, start the fire and steam the buns for 10 minutes after the water boils.
  5. Prepare all the side ingredients and serve with warm buns.
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